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Bujanovačka Banja Spa in Serbia


The strongest Spa in Europe!

“When man has health, he has hope. When man has hope, he has every thing!”

The hot spring and medicinal mud in Bujanovac Spa existed back in the Roman Age. Next to the spring is village Kraljeva Kuca (King’s House), which bears such name because of the rest house of King Milutin who used to enjoy the benefits of this spring.

In the past years, especially in the summers, people from all over the country come here to find medicine for gout and skin diseases.
A large swamp that smelled of sulfur and mud was both nondescript and miraculous at the same time. Children and the old, both sick and healthy, even cattle with the remains of dry mud on their bodies, enjoyed the benefits of the hot mineral water.

In the 1960’s, the authorities, helped by police, dispersed people who seeked the medicines for their illnesses in the water and the mud. The barbwire was installed and broken glass scattered all around the spring. Those more resistant, more certain of the healing power of the water and the mud, bathed by night.


We started research and formed a clinic within Health Center in Bujanovac. Two indoor swimming pools were built in 1975, while the modern Institute for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Disabilities “Vrelo” was built in 1984 on the Rakovac wasteland.

The referential analyses were performed at eminent Institute in Karlovy Vary, at Institute “Slovakoterme”, Pjestani spa, Bratislav. The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain placed Bujanovac Spa among the three most significant spas in Europe. The proofs that this spa is natural sanatorium that has no equal are the certificates issued by medical centers in London and Frankfurt.

Today, the regularity of the Bujanovac water is checked by Belgrade-based Institute “BATUT”.

chronic rheumatic diseases:

  • articular and extraarticular rheumatism,
  • inflammatory,
  • metabolic and degenerative rheumatism;
  • post-traumatic conditions and the conditions after surgeries on locomotor system;
  • gynecological illnesses and neurological diseases;
  • chronic digestive tract diseases;
  • skin diseases – eczema,
  • psoriasis;
  • sports injuries.

THERAPIES: hydro, peloid, parafango, gas, electro, kinesi.

By its characteristics, Bujanovacka Spa is the unique location not only on the old continent, but also in the world. Only at this place are three factors successfully joined: thermo-mineral water, medicinal mud and natural gas (CO2).

Today we use only one third of everything the nature gave us. Thus, there are reserves that are assigned for excellent results in prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.

Vranjska Banja Spa in Serbia


Spa – the warmest in Europe!


Only 6 kilometers away from the highway to Macedonia and Greece, some 10 kilometers away from Vranje – a SPA! Besna Kobila (Furious Mare) reared above it! Besna Kobila – Mountain! Besna Kobila, the beautiful mountain, spreads mild slopes for skiing and sleighing at the height of 1922 meters above the sea level. Somewhat further is the Vlasina lake with clear water, the untouched paradise – the factory of red blood cells!

Ten kilometers away from Vranje – a spa (!), the warmest in Europe, with several mineral water springs, water temperature ranging between 96 and 110 degrees centigrade!

WE TREAT: rheumatism, posttraumatic conditions; neurological illnesses and chronic gynecological diseases.
We deal with: diseases of the locomotor system, degenerative and extra-articular rheumatism.

OUR WATERS ARE: sulphurous, alkaline, saline, feriferrous, hyperthermal waters!

The trilemma whether Vranje was established in the age of Thracians and lllyrians (Romans), Byzantium (Greeks) or Slavs, who used to inhabit this area in the 6th and 7th century, is in the shade of the comprehension that, nine centuries ago, in 1093, in work “Aleksijada”, which is dedicated to her father Aleksej, a Greek of imperial origin, Ana Komnina, mentioned Vranje.
Cemane, as we call the violin here, and Goc (the type of big drum) remind us of Mitke and Kostana, writer Bora Stankovic, the hammam from the 17th century, Turkish girl Aisha who – choosing between the forbidden love with a Serbian guy, Stojan, and the death by her father’s hand – chose death!

Today, in memory of them, the White Bridge bridges the Vranjska river and serves the people.


The tears of the town of trumpet; Bakija Bakic and Milan Mladenovic with their orchestras – winners of the Trumpet Fair in Guca; wishing; yearning for love; Haremluk; Vranje’s song soaked by “longing for youth”; the scent of linden, literary evenings; theater plays; flower exhibits; Carnation girl; aroma of Vranje’s cuisine specialties washed down with Pinot made of grapes from the local vineyard; Bora’s week; SAF – the school of animated film for children; Serbian sanctity – St. Prohor Pcinjski monastery in the foothill of Kozjak mountain; Markovo Kale – the oldest monument of the civilization called Vranje; Pasha’s house, Derenka fountain – built by the Turks in memory of their Derzelez who fell in love with a black-haired Serbian girl; St. Nikola Church, an endowment of the Balsic brothers – nine centuries old; the Holy Trinity Cathedral whose construction was supported by Husein Pasha; commemoration of Justin Popovic!

We could go on, but: ” No lies in Vranje! “

Ribarska Banja Spa in Serbia


Live straight up, pain free!

Ribarska Banja Spa whose healing water can only he compared to the famous springs in the French Pyrenees!

Ribarska Banja is located at the bottom of a very abundant vegetation and clean air, at 540 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Jastrebac (Hawk) Mountain.

WE DEAL WITH: diseases of the locomotory system; rheumatic and neurological diseases; rehabilitation after bone fractures, after bone operations; joint contractions, spine deformations, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, neurological diseases, hemiphlegia, hemipa-resis; arthritis, children’s cerebral paralysis; acute diseases, malignant diseases, bleeding ulcers , tuberculosis, decompensated heart conditions; malignant hypertension.

Natural healing factors: In Ribarska Banja there are 6 sources of mineral water, temperature 38 to 42 degrees Celsius, and because of thick forests and clean air it has the characteristics of a climatic place.

THERAPIES: hydro, photo, laser, magnetic, kinetic, thermal, sonic and work.
TREATMENT METHODS: Treatments are conducted in the Special Hospital “Ribarska Banja” with sulfuric water with a certain percentage of iron.

WELLNESS: Since “Wellness” represents a unique lifestyle: health food, defined physical activity, relaxing treatments and mental health, with the intention of participating in the improvement of your psychophysical health and in offering complete pleasure, we at Ribarska banja spa, have become a unique Wellness Center with traditionally healthy food, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with healing mineral water at a temperature of 38°C, hydro massagers, pearl and Jacuzzi bathtubs, with over 20 forms of massages, aqua-bic and fitness activities, with a sauna and walks in clean, mountain air…

Lukovska Banja Spa in Serbia

Lukovska Banja Spa, cradled at 681 meters above sea level, below Nenadov Kamen Rock along Lukovska River, 40 km from Kursumlija is the highest spa in Serbia!
Lukovo began to be used as a spa in year 1900 when the first bath house and the first apartment building was built with wooden boards.


Curative waters of Lukovska Spa

Lukovska Spa lies in the south of Serbia, 36km west of Kursumlija, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kopaonik, 99km away from Nis, 107 km from Krusevac and 297km from Belgrade.

Lukovska Spa is 42 kilometers more distant from Belgrade than Prolom Spa is.
Lukovska Banja is the highest spa in Serbia – at the height of 681 meters above the sea level!

It is parked on the eastern slop of the woody Kopaonik mountain, in the valley of the Lukovska river, one of the contributaries of the Toplica river, and, by the number of springs with thermomineral water whose temperature ranges between 38-68°C, this spa, in which even ancient Romans enjoyed themselves, belongs to the order of the richest spas in Serbia!

The Spa is known for its many wells (37) and the enormous quantity of their output of over 10Olit/s. Spa waters are: carbon-acidic, sulphide, fluoride, silicone and lithium contents: according to their macro contents, they are of carbo-hydrate, natrium-magnesium-calcium types.

Among the natural resources used in the spa treatments, there are: curative waters, mud, climate and the surrounding ambiance.
Lukovska Spa is a Spa and Climate Resort operating within A.D. “Planinka” from Kursumlije.

Prolom Banja Spa in Serbia

Since hurricane winds rarely but powerfully blew here, this region was named Polom.
Since even that wasn’t enough to describe the power of the storm, the people call this region Prolom (rupture), and Prolom Banja Spa.

However powerful nature is, it gave Prolom on the slope of Radan Mountain; which is close to Kursumlije and Djavolja Varos, water for eternity, magical powers – it helps kidney patients and psoriasis patients!

Prolom water flows through hotel taps so it can be taken in the hotel room, and then one can walk three kilometers to a log-house church Lazarica, which is 600 years old, where most of the Serbian army took communion before going into battle on Kosovo.

IT WILL SOUND LIKE A HERECY, BUT: on the basis of archeological researches, it is assumed that the medicinal waters of Prolom Spa had been used constantly from pre-history until early Turkish Age!
Judging by that, it is logical to say that Prolom Spa is the oldest spa in Serbia!

We are Prolom Spa from the south of Serbia. We are also a climatic sanatorium! We are situated at the height of 550-668 meters above the sea level! Kursumlija is 23km, Belgrade is 290km and Nis is 82km away from us.

THERMAL WATERS: Prolom Spa has two hot water springs, some 950 meters away from each other. Eastern or main spring is in the center of Spa and it consists of six holes. The water temperature ranges between 30 and 33.8°C. Western spring or “Pupovci” is in the valley of the Duboka brook. The water temperature is 30.5°C .

Our MEDICINAL MUD is created by mixing thermal water and the earth from the vicinity of spring “Pupovci”. We use it in the mud baths or as compresses when treating skin diseases or peripheral blood vessels diseases – enlarged veins, rheumatic diseases or some prostate diseases.

GOD FORBID, BUT YOU MAY NEED US: for the kidney and urinary tract diseases, diseases of digestive organs, skin diseases, diseases of blood vessels and extra-articular rheumatism.

WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING WARDS: diagnostics-therapy ward; hydrotherapy ward: recreation-rehabilitation swimming pool, individual bathtubs, the Hubbard baths; mud and electro-therapy ward; hand massage ward; hall for kinesi-therapy and gym.

WE TREAT: in a modern therapy ward, which can serve 1,500 patients a day. Our exceptionally organized medical corps has the diagnostics-therapy ward, the hydrotherapy ward, the pelidotherapy ward and the therapy-recreation swimming pool.

THERAPIES: drinking curative water, hand massage, mud therapy, hydro-, electro- and kinesi therapy, bathing, bathing in the underwater massage tub, local baths, swimming in the pool, solux lamp, diadynamic and short-wave diametry currents, galvanization, ultrasound and lasero-therapies.

Banja Junakovic Spa in Serbia

When you take into consideration that for many, a stay in Banja Junakovic, meant the birth of a child, it will be clear to you that people also come here to treat sterility, which is cured here with water and the application of the most modern infertility treatment methods.

It is said that, because of the stuffed teddies that Banja Junakovic gives to godsons; children whose mothers had become pregnant after treatments in Junakovic; their producers have profited – so you figure out how many newborns that makes.


Genuine natural treasury.

We are situated 4 kilometers away from Apatin! Our first thermal springs were opened on this location in 1913, but it was not before 1927 that it was discovered that our thermal waters belong to the same category as the waters in Karlovy Vary, Harkany and Lipik.

WATER IS: in the category of sulfide, alkaline, muriatic and iodine hyperthermic waters. The temperature of the water is 50.8°C.

WE ARE RICH WITH: For recreation, the guests and patients have at their disposal the complex of outdoor swimming pools : Olympic swimming pool, the therapy swimming pool, three swimming pools for children, a swimming pool with a diving board and several mutually connected swimming pools with different depths. There is also an indoor therapy swimming pool.

WE ALSO HAVE: two saunas, billiards, mini football and handball courts, four tennis courts, an athletic track and a path for forest walk, sports hall in Apatin.

WE TREAT: with the application of modern medical methods; under the supervision of specialist doctors and therapists; all kinds of rheumatism, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism;

  • ORTHOPEDIC DISEASES: deformities of spinal column and extremities, diseases of bones and joints, conditions after injuries of bones and joints, conditions after surgeries on bones and joints, treatment of sports injuries; NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES – diseases of peripheral and central motor neuron, as well as nervous system anomalies;
  • GYNECOLOGICAL ILLNESSES – post-surgery conditions, conditions after inflammations, sterility;
  • DISEASES OF BRONCHIAL TUBES – asthmatic illnesses, bronchitis;

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Serious heart diseases, extremely high blood pressure, malignant diseases with metastases, acute infectious diseases,
RCC Junakovic provides following services to the users: WE DEAL WITH: rehabilitative medical services of clinical and dispensary type; organization of seminars and symposiums; rehabilitation of workers and pensioners; accommodation of hunters.

THE DANUBE: The boats with fishermen are sailing on the Danube, while the hunters hunt various species of game and birds in the hunting areas. Sailing from Apatin, parked at the height of only 86 meters above the sea level, proud of Junakovic Spa, with numerous outdoor swimming pools; the small town with the tradition of handicrafts, shipbuilding, trade and brewing; to Bogojevo, you will pass through the genuine natural treasury of rare animals and birds, while the rich fish world will be hiding from you in the river blue.

Kursumlijska Banja Spa in Serbia

Present day Kursumlija used to be, during the time of the Romans, Ad Fines – the final station; a military station, and the Slovenes that migrated here named it Toplica.

Stefan Nemanja built two monasteries here, as well as his wife Ana’s foundation. Painted in white, covered in lead, they were noticeable from afar, so the city was called Bele Crkve because of them.

After conquering Toplica in 1454, the Turks took down the churches’ roofs and melted them into tanad – kursume which is how Kursumlija got it’s present-day name.

Since the region is abundant in numerous thermal springs, it isn’t a wonder that Kursumlijska Banja Spa happened to nestle in right there, beneath Kopaonik. This region also has many other springs that the people believe to be medicinal.

Just like it is the one at the gathering place in Guzvenik, known far and wide, where Fiery Maria appeared in 1925!
Her appearance was preceded by abundant rains, and people, their estates and animals disappeared forever in the stihia. Since then, the people come to Blaga Mara, they wash their faces with healing water and light candles.

Some do it just to pass through Bavolja Varos (Devil Town) “alive”! Devil Town is a magical, like from a fable, geographic territory on Radan Mountain, near Kursumlija.

Erosion created a collection of high and sharp rocks of odd shapes here. From afar they look like countless church towers with strange domes. Jovan Cvijic had, at one time, observed this unique geographical phenomenon and he compared it to the most fantastical shapes of the Canyons of Colorado River.

Region Prohorovo includes the Valley of Pcinje, the left confluent of Vardar River, Kozjak and Rujen Mountains and the forest scythes in the most Southeastern part of Serbia. In the center, right along Pcinje, is the Monastery Sveti Prohor Pcinjski, 28 km from Bujanovac and Bujanovacka Banja.

Prohorovo is the region with the least amount of pollution.
Mane petas montes, medio nemus, vespere fornes. If you want to be healthy, go into the hills in the morning, into the forest at noon, and to the springs in the evening.

Professor Dr. Toma Jovanovic used to say: “Europe does not have such a natural phenomenon!

Based on its characteristics, Prohorovo is a unique location on the old continent. Only here are the three factors prosperously joined – thermo-mineral water, medicinal mud and natural gas- carbon dioxide.”

A unique basis for quality honey is blight, which bees here collect from leaf to leaf, and not from flowers! Such blight honey is a reminder of its bees.

From Prohorovo come honey and honey treatments, milk and dairy products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, monastery wine and rakija in unusually beautifully shaped bottles, meat and meat products, mushrooms, bread, medicinal herbs, medicinal peloid Parafango” and mineral waters with natural gas from Bujanovacka Banja Spa flows to different sides of the land’s pattern.


The Spa that was known as early as a Roman times.

We are parked at the height of 442 meters above the sea level, in the valley of the Banjska river, 11 km southwest from Kursumlija.

In the time of the Romans, we were called Aquae Bas – Aquarum Bassuanae.

In the Middle ages, we founded the settlement and built bathhouses. In 1669, Dr. Edvard Brown here saw a steam bath in “one small, well-built room” that was “very good for recovery of passengers”.

We were renovated in the period between 1883 and 1930. Since 1930 until 1941 godine, the renovation was financed by the money of the Concession-Stock company “Kursumlijska Banja”. We became a modern spa in 1982, with the construction of rehabilitation center “Zubor”.


  • Injuries and diseases of the locomotor system,
  • rheumatic illnesses,
  • diseases of the respiratory organs,
  • diabetes;
  • gynecological illnesses and neurological and metabolic diseases,
  • anemia in children and adults.

MEDICINAL MUD: Kursumlija Spa was known in former Yugoslavia for its unique mineral mud.

THERMAL WATERS: There are five groups of warm waters (25-68°C) and mineral waters, which, thanks to their balneological characteristics, place us among the most valuable spas in Europe.

MEDICAL PART of “Zubor” Institute: diagnostics, hydrotherapy -two swimming pools, individual bathtubs, local baths, underwater massage baths and the Hubbard baths, hydro-kinesitherapy; inhalator, sauna, mud therapy, electrotherapy – diadynamic and interferential currents, electro-stimulators, galvanization, electrophoreses; ultrasound, phototherapy – infrared and ultraviolet radiation, therapy with polarized light; magnetic impulse field, hand massage, kinesitherapy, cellulite eliminator, etc


  • Davolja Varos (Devil’s Town). A legend say that this natural phenomenon represents petrified wedding guests who were induced by the Devil to marry a brother and a sister.
  • IVAN TOWER. Built on the top of the volcano cone.
  • JUST GRAVE. A legend says that Milos Obilic executed duke Vule because he did not want to deceive duke Lazar by saying that Turkish Army was weak. Some other legend says that Milutin, a servant of Ivan Kosancic, spied on Turkish Army and, having returned to Trpeze, he spread the news about its huge power. In order to avoid panic among the people, Milan Toplica decapitated Milutin. Just Grave is the mark where servant Milutin was buried. It bears such name because Milutin died “to the justice of God”.
  • TRPEZE. The settlement of great importance in medieval Serbia – the remnants of three monasteries.

Sijarinska Banja Spa

Based on the number of mineral springs and mineral water, Sijarinska Banja Spa; which was named after mistress Sija Irini, the sister of the wife of Emperor Justinian; holds a record in Europe.

In this spa known even back in the ancient time; when 316 sources were discovered; there are 18 mineral water springs, for a hundred aches, different based on physical and chemical characteristics.

A special attraction in Sijarinska Banja are geysers! One of them shoots 10 meters high, with a water temperature of 71 degrees Celsius.
The only other place in the world where you can see something like this is Iceland, and the remains of the nearby Caricin Grad, Justinian The First only here.

Gamzigradska banja spa

The Roman Emperor Galerije Valerije Maksimilijan; having discovered thermal water springs; built Romiliana with such fervor in the third century of the new era, one would think that he did it for the sake of his mother, but the facts suggest that he probably did it because of joint pain.

That is why it isn’t a surprise that the following sentence is often
recalled in Gamzigradska banja spa:

“We use nature’s gift, as did the emperor!”.

The miraculous water in Gamzigradska banja spa, the best doctors, the most modern equipment and great therapeutic powers cured and delighted many.
If you were to go into the mainland, above Bor and Majdanpek, only four kilometers from Gamzigradska banja spa you will see one of the Roman royal cities in Serbia – Felix Romuliana, and on the auriferous Pek River you will be able to participate in the cleaning of gold.

Of special value in these territories are: Derdapska Ravine, Rajkova Cave, nearby Negotin and Rajacke Pivnice breweries. Eight kinds of fish are fished here, and chamois, deer, wild boars, rabbits and wind ducks are hunted here.

Then, on parts of the clay-bottom river, larvae appear on the surface of the water, from which gentle, fluttering, colorful, winged insects are born in a few seconds, which, after a short drying period, fly onto the plants by the shore (they also land on boats and even on people) and begin their forcible shedding. They are the immature males which, only after shedding their skin, become able to mate and fertilize females.

The female larvae appear a little later, out of which sex-mature, winged units are born, and then comes the massive “bridal flight” along with the mating of the insects, after which the males quickly die. The females still fly upriver for sometime, and then they land down onto the surface of the water and lay 6000-7000 miniscule eggs and die.


Provision of medical services by European standards!

NATURE GAVE US TO USE: Nature endowed the Gamzigrad Spa, which lies at the height of 160 meters above the sea level, in the meandar valley of the lower course of the Crni Timok river, with several springs, some of them on the depth of even 303 meters, with thermomineral water. Surrounded by wooded hills, the Gamzigrad Spa is a quiet place for treatment, holiday, recreation, sport and fishing.

TREATMENT: Institute for Specialized Rehabilitation “Gamzigrad” in the Gamzigrad Spa started to work on December 4,1978, with the reception of the first patients. The treatment in the Institute is carried out by means of use of the thermomineral water whose temperature is 42° C, the up-to-date devices used in the physical medicine and with the highly educational medical measure.

SPA IS WELL-KNOWN FOR AND, THEREFORE, RECOMMENDED IN THE CASES OF: Diseases of peripheral blood vessels – organic disorders of the arteries, functional disorder of the arteries, diseases of peripheral veins, lymphatic system diseases, vibrational illness, gynecological illnesses, sterility in women, articular and extra-articular forms of rheumatism, orthopedic illnesses and post-traumatic conditions, neurological illnesses, connective tissue diseases, anomalies in young age.

SPORTS AND RECREATION: Two indoor swimming pools with warm water, gym, table tennis room, new football and mini football pitches, handball, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, billiards, sports fishing, chess room, TV room.

CURIOSITIES: On the spacious plateau, in the vicinity of Gamzigrad, surrounded by exciting mountains of eastern Serbia, there is Felix Romuliana, the royal palace of emperor Gai Valerie Galerie Maximilian, built in the 2nd and the 4th century. Archeological excavations of imperial palace Felix Romuliana are located 4 kilometers away from the Gamzigrad Spa.
Especially interesting are the Rajac beer houses, the unique cultural-historical monument to wine and vine, where 280 stone cellars have been used for more than two centuries for production and keeping of famous Rajac’s wines.

The electricity in the Gamzigrad Spa is still produced by the power plant built in 1908.

MUST-SEE IN ZAJECAR: National Museum, Radul Bey’s house, Turkish Water Mill – an ethno-restaurant, Forest Park Kraljevica – with sports contents and Olympic swimming pool, Riding club.


Novopazarska Banja Spa in Novi Pazar

You will find the only center for treating dystrophic patients and those with muscle diseases only in Novopazarska Banja Spa.

Treatments here are in hot spring water of up to 52 degrees Celsius.

In Novi Pazar, the following recommendation is used as payment for treatment – meet the most valuable monuments that have become a part of the narrowed down selection of world cultural property, under the protection of UNESCO: Stari Ras with Sopocani Monastery, foundation of King Uros Petrova Church, Durdevi stupovi, Gradina in Ras.

Special Hospital For Treatment Of Progressive Muscle And Neuromuscular Diseases Novi Pazar

The waters from our Spa are known from the times of the Romans and the Turks.

Those who travelled to the east and west, who passed land and the sea, said:

We have never seen anywhere in the world such thermal spa.

One of them even made a chronogram:

This spa became paradise for those in love.

NATURE AND US: We are surrounded by the mountains of Golija and Rogozna, which are suitable for picnics and recreation. Our town, situated at the juction of the rivers Josanica and Raska; through which the important roads that connected Dubrovnik, Bosnia and south coast with Salonika and Constantinopole used to pass; was named Yeni Bazar – Novi Pazar by the Turks. Because of its size and significance, it was also called Seher, which was the epithet given to few towns in the Balkans.

NATURAL RESOURCES: the waters from our Spa are known from the times of the Romans and the Turks. Their chemical contents place them into the category of sulfuric mineral hypotherms. The temperature of our thermomineral waters; which are used for drinking and bathing; ranges between 12 and 52oC.

WE TREAT: neuromuscular diseases, rheumatic illnesses, sciatica, sports and other injuries, post-stroke conditions, skin and gynecological diseases.

NOVI PAZAR IS ALSO RECOGNIZED BY: the Town Fortress with the Watch Tower from the 15th century, built by the order of the founder of the town, Isa-Bey Isakovic, as well as by his gift – Hammam (Turkish bath). There are also Altun-alem Mosque from the 16th century, the work of famous architect Muslihudin Abdulganije, and Amir-aga’s Inn (tavern) from the 17th century.

St. Peter’s Church (Petrova Crkva) is the oldest Slav sacral monument in the Balkans.
Djurdevi stupovi, an endowment by Stefan Nemanja, from the 12th century Sopocani Monastery, an endowment of King Uros I, from the 13th century
Along with Djurdevi Stupovi, St. Peter’s Church and Ras, as a whole, UNESCO placed Sopocani Monastery on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1979.