Banja Junakovic Spa in Serbia

When you take into consideration that for many, a stay in Banja Junakovic, meant the birth of a child, it will be clear to you that people also come here to treat sterility, which is cured here with water and the application of the most modern infertility treatment methods.

It is said that, because of the stuffed teddies that Banja Junakovic gives to godsons; children whose mothers had become pregnant after treatments in Junakovic; their producers have profited – so you figure out how many newborns that makes.


Genuine natural treasury.

We are situated 4 kilometers away from Apatin! Our first thermal springs were opened on this location in 1913, but it was not before 1927 that it was discovered that our thermal waters belong to the same category as the waters in Karlovy Vary, Harkany and Lipik.

WATER IS: in the category of sulfide, alkaline, muriatic and iodine hyperthermic waters. The temperature of the water is 50.8°C.

WE ARE RICH WITH: For recreation, the guests and patients have at their disposal the complex of outdoor swimming pools : Olympic swimming pool, the therapy swimming pool, three swimming pools for children, a swimming pool with a diving board and several mutually connected swimming pools with different depths. There is also an indoor therapy swimming pool.

WE ALSO HAVE: two saunas, billiards, mini football and handball courts, four tennis courts, an athletic track and a path for forest walk, sports hall in Apatin.

WE TREAT: with the application of modern medical methods; under the supervision of specialist doctors and therapists; all kinds of rheumatism, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism;

  • ORTHOPEDIC DISEASES: deformities of spinal column and extremities, diseases of bones and joints, conditions after injuries of bones and joints, conditions after surgeries on bones and joints, treatment of sports injuries; NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES – diseases of peripheral and central motor neuron, as well as nervous system anomalies;
  • GYNECOLOGICAL ILLNESSES – post-surgery conditions, conditions after inflammations, sterility;
  • DISEASES OF BRONCHIAL TUBES – asthmatic illnesses, bronchitis;

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Serious heart diseases, extremely high blood pressure, malignant diseases with metastases, acute infectious diseases,
RCC Junakovic provides following services to the users: WE DEAL WITH: rehabilitative medical services of clinical and dispensary type; organization of seminars and symposiums; rehabilitation of workers and pensioners; accommodation of hunters.

THE DANUBE: The boats with fishermen are sailing on the Danube, while the hunters hunt various species of game and birds in the hunting areas. Sailing from Apatin, parked at the height of only 86 meters above the sea level, proud of Junakovic Spa, with numerous outdoor swimming pools; the small town with the tradition of handicrafts, shipbuilding, trade and brewing; to Bogojevo, you will pass through the genuine natural treasury of rare animals and birds, while the rich fish world will be hiding from you in the river blue.

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