Ribarska Banja Spa in Serbia


Live straight up, pain free!

Ribarska Banja Spa whose healing water can only he compared to the famous springs in the French Pyrenees!

Ribarska Banja is located at the bottom of a very abundant vegetation and clean air, at 540 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Jastrebac (Hawk) Mountain.

WE DEAL WITH: diseases of the locomotory system; rheumatic and neurological diseases; rehabilitation after bone fractures, after bone operations; joint contractions, spine deformations, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, neurological diseases, hemiphlegia, hemipa-resis; arthritis, children’s cerebral paralysis; acute diseases, malignant diseases, bleeding ulcers , tuberculosis, decompensated heart conditions; malignant hypertension.

Natural healing factors: In Ribarska Banja there are 6 sources of mineral water, temperature 38 to 42 degrees Celsius, and because of thick forests and clean air it has the characteristics of a climatic place.

THERAPIES: hydro, photo, laser, magnetic, kinetic, thermal, sonic and work.
TREATMENT METHODS: Treatments are conducted in the Special Hospital “Ribarska Banja” with sulfuric water with a certain percentage of iron.

WELLNESS: Since “Wellness” represents a unique lifestyle: health food, defined physical activity, relaxing treatments and mental health, with the intention of participating in the improvement of your psychophysical health and in offering complete pleasure, we at Ribarska banja spa, have become a unique Wellness Center with traditionally healthy food, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with healing mineral water at a temperature of 38°C, hydro massagers, pearl and Jacuzzi bathtubs, with over 20 forms of massages, aqua-bic and fitness activities, with a sauna and walks in clean, mountain air…

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