Bujanovačka Banja Spa in Serbia


The strongest Spa in Europe!

“When man has health, he has hope. When man has hope, he has every thing!”

The hot spring and medicinal mud in Bujanovac Spa existed back in the Roman Age. Next to the spring is village Kraljeva Kuca (King’s House), which bears such name because of the rest house of King Milutin who used to enjoy the benefits of this spring.

In the past years, especially in the summers, people from all over the country come here to find medicine for gout and skin diseases.
A large swamp that smelled of sulfur and mud was both nondescript and miraculous at the same time. Children and the old, both sick and healthy, even cattle with the remains of dry mud on their bodies, enjoyed the benefits of the hot mineral water.

In the 1960’s, the authorities, helped by police, dispersed people who seeked the medicines for their illnesses in the water and the mud. The barbwire was installed and broken glass scattered all around the spring. Those more resistant, more certain of the healing power of the water and the mud, bathed by night.


We started research and formed a clinic within Health Center in Bujanovac. Two indoor swimming pools were built in 1975, while the modern Institute for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Disabilities “Vrelo” was built in 1984 on the Rakovac wasteland.

The referential analyses were performed at eminent Institute in Karlovy Vary, at Institute “Slovakoterme”, Pjestani spa, Bratislav. The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain placed Bujanovac Spa among the three most significant spas in Europe. The proofs that this spa is natural sanatorium that has no equal are the certificates issued by medical centers in London and Frankfurt.

Today, the regularity of the Bujanovac water is checked by Belgrade-based Institute “BATUT”.

chronic rheumatic diseases:

  • articular and extraarticular rheumatism,
  • inflammatory,
  • metabolic and degenerative rheumatism;
  • post-traumatic conditions and the conditions after surgeries on locomotor system;
  • gynecological illnesses and neurological diseases;
  • chronic digestive tract diseases;
  • skin diseases – eczema,
  • psoriasis;
  • sports injuries.

THERAPIES: hydro, peloid, parafango, gas, electro, kinesi.

By its characteristics, Bujanovacka Spa is the unique location not only on the old continent, but also in the world. Only at this place are three factors successfully joined: thermo-mineral water, medicinal mud and natural gas (CO2).

Today we use only one third of everything the nature gave us. Thus, there are reserves that are assigned for excellent results in prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.

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